Sheets and Towels and Platters, oh my!

May 7th, 2006 by veronica

As mentioned on our gift page we really don’t need or expect gifts from our guests. It’s enough to have this happy event and to have you be a part of it in person or in spirit. But we understand that guests like to bring gifts and so we have registered for a few things that will be useful to us.

We wanted to register at Meier & Frank — we figured it’s a big department store with lots of stores in the Northwest, plus on-line sales, seems perfect for a wedding registry. Only here’s the deal: Meier & Frank was bought out by the company that owns Macy’s and they’re re-branding all the M&F stores to Macy’s — but not yet. That transition will be complete on July 3rd, 2 days after our big day. In the meantime, M&F is getting rid of their old merchandise and (slowly, slowly) bringing in new stuff. That means that for right now all their old stuff is on super clearance markdown mania. If you live near a Meier and Frank, I highly recommend going there now — even if you’re not buying a gift for us — and stocking up on sheets and stuff ’cause *everything* is on sale.

However, that also means that everything we just registered for will probably be pulled off the shelves soon and the new stuff won’t be in until too late. It also means that most stuff is not available on-line and may or may not be available in every store. Pain in the rear, I know, but on the plus side if you can make it to a bricks and mortar store, the things we registered for are all on clearance and are even cheaper than they appear on-line.

But we figured we should register at some less problematic stores, too, so we also registered at Crate and Barrel and Williams-Sonoma. You can search for our registry by putting in the first few letters of either of our first names and last names– no, you do not have to spell out my whole last name. I suspect that Chris will also add some registry items for either Sears or Home Depot soon, too, but that remains to be seen.

In any case, we have chosen some things we might like to have and if you would like to buy them, well, we wouldn’t mind.

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